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“Hello, and welcome to The Urban Leadership Lab™!  My name is T.J. Breeden, and I’m the Founder & Executive Direct of eMerging Entrepreneurs, Inc.; a non-profit organization that provides Startup Services to military, minority, and socially disadvantaged communities.  On behalf of our sponsors and planning committee, I would like to thank you for your interest in our youth development program!”  

The Urban Leadership Lab™ is a social incubator; providing our youth with access to the kinds of resources that will advance their capacity to do (and become) their best!  Our program brings together non-profits, community & faith leaders, industry executives, university personnel, and volunteers to introduce creative ways of engaging our community’s under-served youth.  Just as our non-profit organization uses Entrepreneurship as a pathway for community development, our lab aim to surround young people with startup tools, leadership training, and community service opportunities; all in an effort to help our teens unlock the full range of their potential!  Not only were we selected to be apart of the White House’s “Computer Science for All” campaign as one of its 2016 service organizations, but we’ve also joined forces with The Emily Krzyzewski Center First Lego League, The LEGO Foundation, Infinite Scholars, and others to offer a productive & safe environment for kids to explore their creativity. Programs include:

  1. STEM programs, ranging from LEGO robotics teams to an online Coding Academy;
  2. An online & classroom-style entrepreneurship curriculum that introduces young people to the core functions of launching a business or social enterprise;
  3. Group achievement, mentorship, and community service programs; and
  4. Monthly learning labs, designed to help our young people fully envision themselves in positions of leadership!”



407 Total youth participants (ages 9-18), which includes:
» 205 Participants of our Online Entrepreneurship Course (beta).
» 24 Registrants of our F.I.R.S.T. LEGO League Robotics Program.
» 89 Registered Coding Academy Participants.
» 24 Participants in our 9-week Summer Entrepreneurship Co-op.
» 10 Scholarship Participants in our 2-week “Summer Intro to Entrepreneurship” Course.
» 36 Participants in our 8-week Boy Scouts of America “Merit Badge” Training Program.
» 19 “Startup Lab” Participants.

The focus of this project (like others in our platform) is to support the needs of local communities that have suffered (and in many cases continue to suffer) disproportionately in terms of access to economic opportunity.  While I’m honored to have received such a strong response to efforts made in support our veterans programs (having received the White House’s “Champions of Change” award for our commitments to aid transitioning vets and military spouses), our staff is also committed to the work of uplifting our youth; many of which (not unlike myself as a teen) may find themselves at a point where they are struggling to identify and define the broadness of their own intellectual potential. The term ‘lab’ is synonymous with environments that foster groundbreaking advancements… from a social & community perspective, our organization hopes to achieve just that!”  

— T.J. Breeden, Founder & Executive Director of eMerging Entrepreneurs, Inc.

Our tech labs introduce youth to interactive learning opportunities in STEM, ranging from robotics to computer programming; bridging the gap between traditional learning & technology!

— T.J. Breeden, Founder & Executive Director of eMerging Entrepreneurs, Inc. —


“helping our youth explore the full range of who they can become!”


“Creating environments where our youth can be introduced to the kinds of tools, training, and resources that will propel them into future positions leadership.”



“Offering workshops and lecturers to extend access to mentors in a range of industries; including technology, business development, education, public policy, and the arts.”



“Introducing career development opportunities that not only match the participant’s interests & skills, but helps to create environments for the independent discovery of their own potential!”



“Extending volunteer, internship, and fellowship training; intended to provide our youth with the personal experience of investigating & developing their passions, interests, and intellectual curiosities.”



“Providing ongoing mentorship and professional engagement… through which our participants will not only benefit from long-term, but share with the next group of leaders as they transition into peer-mentors.”


- programs & labs -

"Whether its classroom-style sessions on social-entrepreneurship, or a web-based tutorial on the importance of community service, we are committed to offering pathways for our youth to explore who they can become!"

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Our entrepreneurship platform (powered by Teachable.com) introduces youth (ages 13-18) to the core elements of building a successful business.  We’ve curated over 8-hours of video content from Entrepreneur.comThe History Channel, The Wall Street Journal, and other outlets to educate teens about leadership, social entrepreneurship, citizenship, philanthropy, and the history of American innovation!  Our podcast series explore the lives of business leaders like Steve Jobs, Magic Johnson, and Henry Ford, while also introducing participants to teen entrepreneurs who have launched their own successful brands in fashion and the arts.  We also incorporate a 6-part case study on Ryan Leslie: Harvard graduate turned Hip-Hop artist and tech entrepreneur!  After completing our introductory course, each teen is invited to participate in our full program, which includes:

  1. Classroom-style and live-streaming sessions;
  2. Workshops with entrepreneurs and community leaders;
  3. Scholarship events with our partners at Infinite Scholars;
  4. An invitation into our “Business Leaders Track” Competition; and much more!




Our #TechLabs (launched as part of the White House’s 2016 “CS For All” Campaign Fact Sheet) introduces kids to interactive learning opportunities in “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics); in areas ranging from robotics, to computer programming, to web development. Each program aims to bridge the gap between traditional learning, entrepreneurship, and technology; aligning your child’s creative interests with the innovative career fields of tomorrow!

CODE.orgCODE.org® Online Academy:
Powered by Infinite Scholars, our Code.org Programming Academy equips youth K-12 with computer programming, web development, and general coding skills.

LEGO® Robotics:  
Alternatively, our LEGO® Robotics program introduces kids ages 9-14 to the excitement of the LEGO® Mindstorm education series, while also promoting problem-solving, team building, and cooperation skills.  Robotics sessions are held at the Emily K. Center of downtown Durham, NC.


14970845-leadership-concept-in-word-tag-cloud-on-white-background1»SUCCESS LAB:

Lastly, our success program aims to build leadership skills, explore academic support needs, and spark the career curiosity of our participants.  Sessions are ongoing, and are open to all youth as well as college-bound young adults.  Focuses include (but are not limited to):

“Our Rookie Camps series is structured to not only expose our young leaders to a range of career topics (financial literacy, arts & media opportunities, public policy forums, etc.), but to also allow them access into the personal journeys of veterans, military personnel, and business professionals who have achieved great success in varying fields of interest.”

“Our labs also encourage social engagement and community service through collaborations with local charities and non-profits.  These initiatives aim to support our overall mission of advancing the very communities that many of our participants live & attend school.”

“Our Career Prep program is designed to encourage our youth to explore the full range of their long-term interests.  Our leaders will be provided access to not only career mentorship, internship, & shadowing opportunities, but also skills assessments and other related career services.”

“Lastly, our project has begun preliminary discussions with state universities, technical colleges, and private learning centers to expand our capacity to facilitate ongoing training.  The ‘University Success’ program provides resource services specific to enrollment, financial aid, and academic success.”

“Alternatively, we will also conduct a series of start-up clinics that cater specifically to urban agriculture and aquaponics to support food security interests within (and around) downtown Durham.  Food deprivation and simple access to fresh produce is an issue that many in urban communities face across our city.  Thus, our organization (in coordination with CAARE, Inc.) will enact collaborative programs to encourage urban gardening to combat food deserts. Start date TBD.”

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically… Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education!

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. —

» enroll in our online ‘startup’ lab:

STARTUP LAB: All youth ages 13-18 are welcome to participate.  Our Entrepreneurship programs consist of:
(1) Our online entrepreneurship program (videos, LIVE streaming workshops, online tools, case studies, podcasts, etc.);
(2) Classroom & conference-style versions of our startup program (BSA merit badge credit eligibility subject to counselor renewal); and
(3) our 12-week Startup competition, known as the “Business Leaders” Track” (coming soon).

» enroll in our ‘tech lab’ programs:

TECH LAB:  Enrollment for our upcoming #TechLab series!  Space in our LEGO Robotics program is limited to 10 youth per team (ages 9-13), while our Coding programs have unlimited online registration (ages 5-19).   Waitlisting for our 2017 lego teams is now open, and is determined on a first-come-first-serve basis.

» upcoming ‘success lab’ workshops:

14970845-leadership-concept-in-word-tag-cloud-on-white-background1SUCCESS LAB:  Interested in participating in one of our success programs? Visit our calendar to learn more about upcoming events, workshops, and sessions.  Coming in 2017. All participants are required to have a “Parental Consent” Packet on file. 



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