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"Whether its classroom-style sessions on social-entrepreneurship, or a web-based tutorial on the importance of community service, we are committed to offering pathways for our youth to explore who they can become!"


Our entrepreneurship platform introduces pre-teens and college-ready youth to the core elements of creating, building, and operating a successful business venture.  Taught in both traditional and web-based environments, our platform examines a range of disciplines,  from leadership, social entrepreneurship and citizenship,  to philanthropy, and the history of American innovation!

teachable.comTeen Startup Labs:
Our teen startup series (students age 13+) is aims to inspire students to explore their creative interests and equips them with the tools, mentorship, and guidance to turn their passions and ideas into viable business concepts! Use traditional workshops and our online learning lab, powered by Teachable.com (returning Spring 2020).

EdX.orgeLAUNCH™ Career Labs:
Meanwhile, our eLaunch™ program; powered by EdX provides young adults (students age 16+) with inter-disciplinary courses from Harvard, MIT, Babson College, Microsoft, UC Berkeley, and others. Upon Completion, students receive a verified certificate of completion from the institution, and in some cases college credit.


Our #TechLabs (launched in 2016 as part of our commitment to the Obama Administration’s “CS For All” STEM Campaign Fact Sheet) introduces kids to interactive learning opportunities in “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics); in areas ranging from robotics to computer programming, to web development. Each program aims to bridge the gap between traditional learning, entrepreneurship, and technology; aligning your child’s creative interests with the innovative career fields of tomorrow!

CODE.orgCODE.org® Online Academy:
Our Code.org Programming Academy equips youth K-12 with computer programming, web development, and general coding skills.

LEGO® Robotics:  
Alternatively, our LEGO® Robotics program introduces students ages 9-18 to the excitement of the LEGO® Mindstorm education series, while also promoting problem-solving, team building, and cooperation skills.  Robotics sessions are held at our headquarters at the Imperial Center in Research Triangle Park, NC, the Emily K. Center of downtown Durham, NC, and across Durham’s Ward 1.


Lastly, our success program aims to build leadership skills, explore academic support needs, and spark the career curiosity of our participants.  Sessions are ongoing and are open to all youth as well as college-bound young adults.  Focuses include (but are not limited to):

“Our Rookie Camps series is structured to not only expose our young leaders to a range of career topics (financial literacy, arts & media opportunities, public policy forums, etc.), but to also allow them access into the personal journeys of veterans, military personnel, and business professionals who have achieved great success in varying fields of interest.”

“Our labs also encourage social engagement and community service through collaborations with local charities and non-profits.  These initiatives aim to support our overall mission of advancing the very communities that many of our participants live & attend school.”

“Our Career Prep program is designed to encourage our youth to explore the full range of their long-term interests.  Our leaders will be provided access to not only career mentorship, internship, & shadowing opportunities, but also skills assessments and other related career services.”

“Lastly, our project has begun preliminary discussions with state universities, technical colleges, and private learning centers to expand our capacity to facilitate ongoing training.  The ‘University Success’ program provides resource services specific to enrollment, financial aid, and academic success.”

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